Fischer: “I Have Never Seen A Christian Treat A Homosexual With Hatred”

Near the end of the first hour of Bryan Fischer’s radio program yesterday, Fischer took a call from “Sue in Elmore City, Oklahoma” who claimed she “went in to the world of homosexuality for a while” but had been delivered from that life by faith in Christ. 

The reason Sue called in to Fischer’s show was to explain how, at that time, the gay community had been very welcoming, accepting, and loving to her while the Church and the Christian community had been very hateful and judgmental.  Sue advised that if Christians really want to help gays to leave that lifestyle, they need to be more welcoming, understanding, and loving.

But Fischer just could not believe what he was hearing because he has never in his life seen a Christian be hateful toward gays:

I have never seen a Christian treat a homosexual with hatred. I mean, I’ve seen them talk to them, I’ve seen them appeal to them – I mean, I’ve done this myself, I’ve counseled with them, I’ve prayed with them. I’ve never seen a Christian treat a homosexuality [sic] with vitriol and hatred.

Now, I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. I mean, I know what Fred Phelps does, but outside of him I just haven’t seen it.

Is he serious?  Fischer has “never seen a Christian treat a homosexual with hatred”? Maybe he ought to watch the first two minutes of this video: