Fischer: God Will Cure AIDS If Gays Stop Having Sex

A few weeks ago, we posted a video of Bryan Fischer denying that HIV causes AIDS and claiming it is all a scheme concocted by scientists in order to get research grants.

Since then, Fischer has continued to promote this position and earlier this week, Warren Throckmorton got Rick Warren to issue a statement decrying people like Fischer (and the “expert” he cites, Peter Duesberg) for promoting “quack science.”

Fischer, of course, is standing by his claims, asserting that “it is the folks who have been propagating this scam for almost three decades who are the ones in fact putting millions of additional lives at risk” and saying that the solution to the AIDS crisis is simple:

If you’re a man, stop using poppers, stop having sex with other men, and don’t shoot up. The beauty of that solution is that it doesn’t require billions and billions of dollars.

He also discussed the issue on his radio program today, where he said we need to stop spending so much money on AIDS research and instead focus it on how to rehabilitate the human immune system because, as Fischer sees it, if gay men will just stop having sex, God will heal them: