Fischer Eagerly Endorses DeMint’s “No Gays & Unmarried Women In The Classroom” Standard

Sen. Jim DeMint says that gays and unmarried pregnant women should be banned from serving as teachers … and, in a move that will surprise nobody, Bryan Fischer completely agrees:

Teachers are rightly dismissed from their positions for such things as drug abuse, child porn, mistreatment of students (verbal abuse, profanity, etc.), and criminal behavior. While many of these behaviors are also illegal, surely the driving impulse here is that we don’t want to send a signal to our youth that such behavior is acceptable by leaving teachers who do such things in positions of authority. We’d remove substance abusers from positions of authority in the lives of teenagers even if it wasn’t against the law.

So then the question becomes, what kind of example do we want adults to set for our teenage children? Given the out-of-control increase in STDs, out-of-wedlock births, and family breakdown, it’s of paramount importance that we have adults in places of influence who are modeling by example that sexual energy is to be reserved for and channeled into the marital union of one man and one woman in marriage.

Common sense and clear thinking dictates that if we love America’s teenagers, we will resolve to put healthy, mature role models in front of them right at the time when they are making sexual decisions of enormous and lasting impact … I’m happy to openly, publicly and unreservedly declare that Sen. DeMint is right. We should see to it that our teachers provide the kind of examples for our youth that are worthy of imitation in every way, including sexual expression. If we love America’s students, and love America and want only the best for her, we can do no less.

Of course, Fischer and DeMint share pretty much the exact same agenda and views, which is why DeMint has absolutely no problem appearing on Fischer’s radio program despite his long history of unrepentant bigotry.