Fischer: Deporting Entire Families “Makes Vigilante Justice Unnecessary”

As we’ve noted before, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is not overly concerned with appearing to be compassionate, declaring that telling those who have children out of wedlock that America is no longer going to provide money or services to help them raise their “bastard children.”

And even on the occasions where he does claim to be showing compassion, he seems to have a rather odd definition of it, declaring that the “most compassionate thing we can do” is to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the United States and deport all Muslims already living here.

Along those same lines, today Fischer voices his opposition to illegal immigration and declares that if one immigrant is here illegally, the US should deport the entire family, as that is the compassionate thing to do … plus, as an added bonus, wholesale deportation “makes vigilante justice unnecessary”:

Plus, there is no reason why families must be separated at all. We can believe in family integrity and in sound immigration policy at the same time. We don’t have to choose between them. It’s perfectly possible for us to repatriate entire families to their land of origin to keep husbands and wives together and parents and children together. In fact, I would suggest compassion as well as justice demands no less.

And as long as we are talking about compassion, what about compassion for American citizens who are law-abiding but have to bear the cost and injury caused by uncontrolled immigration? One abiding scriptural principle is that justice and compassion are two sides of the same coin. Compassion is the obverse side of justice, and justice the obverse side of compassion.

What this means in practice is that justice is a way of showing compassion, particularly to victims. it gives them closure, a sense that justice has been done, validates the impact the crime has had on them, and makes vigilante justice unnecessary.

So even in situations where children may have been born in America, thus making them citizens, and one of the parents is here legally, if the other parent is here illegally, Fischer’s solution is to deport them all in order to keep the family together … in the name of compassion.