Fischer Calls for Blacklisting Any Company That Works On Ground Zero Mosque

As I’ve noted several times before, the AFA ‘s Bryan Fischer has made no secret of his hatred for Islam and his corresponding belief that Muslims cannot be loyal US citizens and must therefore be immediately deported from the country.

So it is not particularly surprising that he’d be vehemently opposed to efforts to build an Islamic Center near Ground Zero in a typically Fischer-esque manner

This mosque will be a 9/11 memorial all right, a memorial to the brave, benighted Islamic martyrs who gave their lives for Allah and his cause on that dark September morn. It has long been the practice of Muslims to build mosques on the site of their greatest victories, and this one will be no exception.

If this mosque is built, you can count on the fact that thousands of Muslims every week will go to this place to praise Allah for the glorious conquest of 9/11 and to thank him for the infidel blood shed by their heroes on that day. Cries of “Allahu Akhbar” will ring through this place every Friday during prayer.

But while other right-wing opponents are trying to stop the development through the courts, Fischer has a better idea: “put the pressure of the living God on any company that dares to do even a lick of work to build this hall of horrors” and blacklist any company doesn’t comply: 

Let’s make sure everybody in New York and America knows the name of every single architectural, electrical, plumbing, and construction firm that accepts blood money to have any part of this project. Put every framing contractor, every drywall contractor, every window installer, every painting contractor, every heating and air conditioning contractor on notice that, if they take this job, it will be the last job they ever get in New York.

Flood their offices with phone calls of protest. Work to see that nobody in the city of New York or the United States of America ever hires them again. If they are so un-American as to invest their expertise in building an Islamic shrine to the cold-blooded murders of 3,000 of their fellow Americans, make sure they never work in this town again.

Make it so painful for anybody doing business with the Muslims behind this project that they’ll be scared straight.

Bottom line for Muslims looking to celebrate at a mosque on this hallowed ground: if you can’t build it, they can’t come.