Filmmaker Accuses Barton of Ignoring Founding Fathers’ “Demon” Worship

A few weeks ago we wrote about a new documentary called “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers” that takes argues that the history peddled by David Barton is fundamentally false, in that the Founding Fathers were not Christians by any biblical standard, but were in fact “antichrists.”

The filmmaker, Christian J. Pinto, claims that the “founding fathers were religious skeptics and often critical of the Bible” and accuses Barton of leading Christians astray in his effort to get them involved in politics: 

Pinto, a Christian, disavows those views and blasts Barton in his film.

“The reason that men like David Barton want to take the founders and go into churches and try and convince you that these guys were Christians is because they want you to become entangled in the politics of this world,” said Pinto.

He asserts that Christians are being led astray from the Bible by those who hold this country as a Christian kingdom on earth.

In this clip from his film, Pinto takes Barton to task for downplaying the presence of pagan gods in Washington DC which the Bible considers “demons”: