FEMA Mass Evacuation Bus: The Government’s Secret Weapon?

As I mentioned earlier, Janet Porter had Jane Burgermeister on her program today so that Burgermeister could lay out her case that the Obama White House, FBI, WHO, UN, Federal Reserve, NATO and various international figures are all conspiring to unleash a massive flu pandemic on America and commit mass genocide against the US population for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies who are producing the flu virus vaccine.

Frankly, the entire program read like a paranoid fan fiction version of “V for Vendetta” without the cool masks.

The one thing that struck me about the conversation was Porter’s repeated insistence that this all sounded crazy and that she doesn’t want to believe that such a plan would be in the works, but she just can’t discount it because recent developments prove that anything is possible.

And the developments to which she pointed were the National Guard job listings for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists,” which I debunked yesterday, as well as some video purportedly uncovering a “FEMA mass evacuation bus.” 

I had no idea what she was talking about regarding the bus, but sure enough, a quick Google search turns up this:

OMG!!!!! What could that be?  Maybe I should do another simple Google search:

Brunswick County’s mass evacuation bus is only the third in the state, he said, adding Charlotte has two mass evacuation buses. Manufactured in High Point, Watts said the mass evacuation bus could transport 20 stretcher patients and 10 wheelchair patients, or the bus could be reconfigured to transport about 30-40 wheelchair patients, depending on the patients’ needs.

The bus also has oxygen available for up to 20 patients.

The bus also has room for medical staff and is “stocked for mass casualty,” Watts said. With the mass casualty bus and its capabilities, emergency personnel could “be able to take care of about 30 patients without needing to restock,” he said.

One of the uses of the mass evacuation bus would be to evacuate patients with special medical needs for a hurricane or other storms. Previously, some special medical needs patients were being evacuated in ambulances to accommodate for their medical needs, such as oxygen.

But one ambulance can only transport two patients, Watts said, which can deplete a county’s ambulance bank during a hurricane or other disaster. With more than 300 people already registered in the county’s special medical needs registry, Watts said the mass evacuation bus could evacuate those people on the registry who require oxygen or other special medical needs without using the county’s ambulances.

In addition to hurricane evacuations, Watts said the mass evacuation bus could be used if there were a fire or other disaster.

So this is essentially a big ambulance … unless you are crazy, in which case it’s evidence that the government is planning to forcibly transfer conservatives to internment camps.