Farris: Beck, Coulter, Mehlman Are Not “True Heroes” Of the Conservative Movement

Michael Farris weighs in on the fact that lots of conservatives suddenly seem less gay-unfriendly by noting that while people like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck might be “friends” of the conservative movement, they are not “true heroes.” 

And he says he knew all along that Ken Mehlman was not a “true hero” because once, when he was meeting with Mehlman at the White House, the meeting was cut short so that Mehlman could speak with Dick Cheney’s daughter – the lesbian one:

This came on the heels of news that Ken Mehlman, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, had confirmed long-standing rumors that he is gay — an announcement in which he also declared himself a supporter of same-sex marriage. I can personally confirm that Mehlman, a dynamic, articulate conservative strategist when he was working in the Bush White House, was, even then, an effective supporter of the concept.

One day I was in his office talking to him about the political necessity of the Federal Marriage Amendment — which he was decidedly cool towards — when he abruptly terminated our meeting because he had to speak with Vice President Cheney’s daughter. And, yes, it was the Vice President’s lesbian daughter.

Christians must be able to distinguish between the so-called “good ideas” of conservative spokesmen like Beck and Coulter and the authentic moral truth found only in Scripture. Generic faith never saved anyone and it will not offer political salvation to America … Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter are admittedly pretty good friends. On many issues they take a strong stand for traditional values and conservative principles. But they are not true heroes to those who hold to a biblical worldview. They get a lot of issues right — and we can work with them whenever our interests align. But we should not hold them up as champions and allow our movement to be defined by their convictions, because they are so radically different regarding important fundamental presuppositions.