Farah Arguing Himself In Circles

WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah continues to fight back against Jon Henke’s efforts to get conservatives to boycott his right-wing rag and takes the battle to the pages of the Washington Times:

Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily, questioned Mr. Henke’s motives and standing in an interview with The Washington Times.

“In the little bit of time I’ve had to figure out who Jon Henke is and what the Next Right is, I see it’s pretty much a Republican establishment group who has worked for the RNC and the Republican Party and I can certainly understand why a group like that would have problems with World Net Daily,” he said. “We are not in anybody’s pocket and we don’t have to take our cues from them. We never have and never will and that will probably bother some people.”

He added about the Next Right: “Just looking at their biographies I see these are not journalists, they are political activists who have their own agendas.”

So Henke is a Republican lapdog just doing the bidding of the RNC? That is interesting seeing that Henke is currently targeting the RNC for its dealings with WND and trying, unsuccessfully, to get them to explain:

After I argued that credible organizations on the Right should not support the conspiracy peddling of WorldNetDaily, it was pointed out that the RNC appears to have rented access to the WND email list. So I emailed the RNC to inquire about it and encourage them to stop.

My question was: “Is the RNC really renting the World Net Daily email list?” This was the response from the RNC Press Secretary:

Nice to meet you. Pls note that we have already weighed in on the birther issue — weeks ago. Thanks.

The Press Secretary then appended a NYT story in which this was their response:

“Chairman Steele believes this is an unnecessary distraction and that the president is a U.S. citizen,” said Gail Gitcho, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. “He wants to move on and continue talking about real and immediate issues that are facing our nation, like health care and the economy. Chairman Steele has other issues to take up with the president having to do with policy, not a birth certificate.”

So, the sum total of the RNC’s response was (a) Obama is “a U.S. citizen”, but (b) we want to ignore this Birther story, (c) we’re not saying whether or not we’re working with the Birthers, and (d) we’re just going to completely ignore the actual question you asked.

Also, it takes an amazing amount of gall, or a complete lack of self-awareness, for someone like Farah to claim that his critics are “not journalists [but just] political activists who have their own agendas.”