Far-Right Pundit: FEMA Camps, Martial Law And End Times Are Near

The right-wing outlet BarbWire, founded by activist Matt Barber, published an essay today by pastor JG Smoothy, who claims that notions once treated as conspiracy theories are becoming reality right before our eyes.

According to Smoothy, the Luciferian/Illuminati-controlled government establishment is fostering racial and civil strife in order to demonize and degrade local police forces, paving the way for the nationwide imposition of martial law.

Those who “fight back against the establishment or the opposing race group” will then be put into FEMA camps, complete with “plastic coffins” and “chain link fences,” while the military tries “to suppress those who would take part in the violence brought on against the government and in the race divide.”

Smoothy predicts that Mexico and Canada will inevitably become involved in the U.S. “civil war,” leading to the dissolution of borders and the establishment by Pope Francis of a “worldwide, unified church.”

“Everything on the table is meant to dissolve governments, borders, currencies and religions,” he writes. “One government, one currency, no borders and one world religion. The book of Revelations anyone?”

As this scenario plays out, Smoothy claims, people will agree that folks like InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones was right all along and that “you will find your jaw continually dropping to the floor as each event makes it’s [sic] way out of the Conspiracy Theory section, to the Historical section of your local library.”

So really it’s just another day at BarbWire.