Far Right Defies Caricature

Two weeks ago we described the right-wing reaction to Barack Obama’s pastor as “generally promoting the idea that Obama is some kind of Manchurian candidate who secretly hates both America and white people.” The reference to “The Manchurian Candidate”—a novel and movie in which a political candidate was brainwashed into becoming a Communist assassin—was intended to highlight the absurdly sinister discussion of Obama’s relationship with his church.

Whistleblower coverBut apparently we underestimated the Right’s absurdity: WorldNetDaily asks, “Is he America’s political messiah – or a Manchurian candidate?”

In a few short months, the young and relatively unknown politician Barack Hussein Obama may very well be elevated to the presidency of the United States and command the mightiest military in world history.

Would the eloquent and charismatic Obama unite, inspire and renew a troubled nation, as tens of millions of voters passionately believe? Or is it possible he’s a Manchurian candidate – harboring an ominous secret agenda few understand, a man destined to wreak havoc on America should he become president?

That’s the question that is explored definitively in the April issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE SECRET LIFE OF BARACK OBAMA.”

Among other tidbits, the feature promises to present “an intriguing case that Obama, a Muslim in his youth, may still be a closet Muslim.”