Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer Declares Herself ‘A Full Blown Accelerationist’

Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer disrupts a House hearing on September 5, 2018. (Screenshot / YouTube via C-SPAN)

Far-right activist Laura Loomer declared herself “a full blown accelerationist” in a Monday night Twitter post.

Loomer is a twice failed congressional candidate, who in 2022 told white nationalist Jared Taylor that she thought her white nationalist views would get her elected to Congress. Despite being Jewish, she promised to champion Christian nationalists in Congress but failed to make it out of the 2022 GOP primary, narrowly losing to Rep. Daniel Webster in an election she falsely insisted was rigged. This April, former President Donald Trump instructed his staff to hire Loomer to a role in his 2024 presidential campaign, but his plan was stymied when news of her impending employment broke and Loomer was widely condemned, including by other far-right politicians like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In her Monday night post, Loomer responded to a fan who admired her “patience” in responding to students protesting her appearance at a recent Uncensored America event at the University of South Carolina.

“I don’t have patience for anything or anyone anymore to be honest,” Loomer wrote. “I’m a full blown accelerationist now. I invite all of you to join me in admitting that our country is never going to ever again be what it used to be. We need a rapid & drastic change of scene in our country.”

Accelerationists believe that Western governments are irreparably corrupt and that they should be pushed to collapse by sowing chaos. As Zack Beauchamp wrote in Vox, “Accelerationists reject any effort to seize political power through the ballot box, dismissing the alt-right’s attempts to engage in mass politics as pointless.” If accelerationists vote, it’s for the most extreme candidate to foster political discord, Beauchamp writes. Their preferred tactic, however, is violence. Accelerationist ideas have been cited in numerous mass shooters’ manifestos, including that by the white supremacist who murdered more than 50 at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019. (Writing about that shooting, Loomer declared that she didn’t care; that followed previous statements in which she said that Islam is a “cancer.”)

This wasn’t the first time Loomer suggested she was an accelerationist. In a Jan. 6, 2023, Twitter post, Loomer joined the chorus of far-right voices calling for someone more extreme to replace Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House. If McCarthy won, she said, “Millions of Republicans will leave the party & some will never vote again.”

“I will personally lead the charge to make this happen in Florida if Kevin McCarthy is elected as Speaker of the House,” she continued. “I would rather be an accelerationist than be a part of a party that’s corrupt to its core & doesn’t even care to pretend to listen to the concerns of its base.”

On Jan. 21, 2023, Loomer again said in a Twitter post that she was an accelerationist.

“Elections in our country are an illusion,” she said. “Republicans screwed the pooch by advocating for diversity & amnesty. Open borders combined with voter fraud, and big tech election interference has ruined our country. I’m personally an accelerationist now. We live in hell.”