Family Impact Summit: Bauer Sees End of Roe, Victory in War Against Feminism

A second dispatch from the Family Impact Summit:

Gary Bauer, a former Reagan administration official who led the Family Research Council before a failed run for the presidency, gave the keynote address at the Summit.

Bauer argued that America is engaged in two simultaneous wars in defense of western civilization – the war against “Islamofascists” and the “war of ideas” in America – and that if we lose either of them, we lose everything.

Bauer typically demonized “the radical left” in America for not supporting the first war and saying that feminist organizations in America say nothing about the Taliban killing girls who want to get an education because they are too busy whining about a woman’s right to choose here in America, that last phrase delivered in a high-pitched whiny caricature of a woman’s voice.

Regarding the second war, the one at home, Bauer described liberals as “deluded” for thinking that they are free to do whatever feels good. Describing the founding fathers’ vision of “ordered liberty under God,” Bauer’s dismissal of the concept of separation of church and state drew chuckles from the audience.

Bauer, though, exuded confidence, especially regarding the Religious Right’s decades-long campaign to criminalize abortion:

“Do you know how close we are to ending the tragedy of abortion? We need one more Supreme Court justice. If we get a few lucky breaks next year, I believe you will walk down your driveway and pick up a newspaper that says ‘Roe Overturned, Supreme Court Affirms Right to Life’.”