Faith Leaders Meet With Akin’s Staff To Seek Real Apology

A group of clergymen visited Missouri Congressman and US Senate candidate Todd Akin’s district office to address his claim, first reported at RWW, that “at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God.” The groups Faith in Public Life and Faithful America have reached-out to local faith leaders to respond to the Congressman’s statement and helped organize the meeting. Akin however did not attend, citing prior commitments, and stood by his claim that liberalism is rooted in the hatred of God. Beau Underwood of Bold Faith Type reported on the attempts to win a “real apology” from the Congressman:

In response to Rep. Todd Akin’s recent, insensitive comment that “at the heart of liberalism is a hatred for God,” a group of clergy from Akin’s district visited his office today. In light of his failed attempts to justify his statement yesterday, the group of faith leaders sought a real apology from their Congressman for the disrespect his remarks showed towards their religious commitments. Instead, the Congressman sent a staff person to meet the group, while refusing to address the substance of his offensive remarks.

Outside of his office, clergy members spoke out against Akin’s extreme rhetoric: