Evolution Opponents Look to Expand Majority on Kansas School Board

The Discovery Institute, the premier national organization promoting the teaching of “Intelligent Design” (ID) creationism in public schools, is launching a campaign in Kansas to persuade voters that the recent decision by the state school board to expand the definition of science to include the supernatural is sound, and to convince Kansans to retain the board members who support ID.

Of the 6-4 majority in favor of ID, four pro-ID members are up for re-election along with one member who favors the traditional definition of science. Jesse Hall is challenging the latter member in a Democratic primary, and he has the support of anti-evolution activists:

Celtie Johnson of Overland Park, an evolution opponent, recently circulated a letter urging people to contribute to Hall and other candidates aligned against evolution in the five-state education board races.

“If we can win all five seats, creating a 7-3 conservative majority in spite of all the media and academia against us, then the liberals and evolutionists would learn the undeniable message that they can no longer get away with cramming evolutionism down ours and our neighbors kids’ throats!” she wrote.