Everything You Could Want To Know About Jim Garlow’s Views on Prop 8

Jim Garlow played a central role in the passage of Proposition 8 and was, not surprisingly, outraged by the court decision striking it down, claiming that it would lead to polygamy and bestiality.

Alan Colmes had Garlow on his program on Friday night to discuss that claim and Garlow stood by it, claiming that the language in the decision could ultimately be used to defend polygamy though he seemed to back off from the bestiality language a bit, claiming that Colmes had taken half of a quote and presented it out of context (of course, Colmes did nothing of the sort, as Garlow made the same bestiality comparison on more than one occasion.)

Eventually, the debate turned to the topic of religious freedom, with Garlow insisting that gay marriage would mean that doctors, businesses, and everyone else would have to recognize them under penalty of law, which prompted Colmes to ask Garlow if he was saying that people ought to be able to freely discriminate, which is exactly the view that recently got Rand Paul in trouble, to which Garlow replied “racism is wrong, and marriage is a good thing” and insisted that he has every right to take his religious views into the voting booth and “vote from a Biblical standpoint the same way that you have a right to vote from an anti-Biblical standpoint”:

Those who want to know more about Garlow’s opposition to the ruling can read this lengthy blog post he wrote slamming it or watch this eleven minute video he released doing the same thing: