Erik Rush: Obama Might Be On Drugs

WorldNetDaily’s Erik Rush, who last year called for journalists to be imprisoned for their “treasonous collusion” with President Obama, has recently been urging the media to “expose” Obama’s crimes, such as his plot to nuke America.

On his radio show today, Rush celebrated a letter prominent photojournalists sent to the White House last month protesting the “limits on access currently barring photographers who cover the White House,” which Rush says is proof that journalists are no longer afraid to “complain about our precious first black president.”

Rush said that such limits are due to Obama’s “pathological, compulsive, narcissistic need to control,” but also his drug use: “Part of it has to do with the president’s general instability at large, I think that there is — I’m not the only one to postulate that he’s spread pretty thin mentally and emotionally and that there may be pharmaceuticals involved in keeping him going. Of course he does have a history of drug use.”

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