Ergun Caner Demoted To Teaching Only On-Line Courses?

Back in June we noted that Liberty University had decided not to retain Ergun Caner as the head LU Baptist Theological Seminary after an investigation into discrepancies and exaggerations about his Muslim past.

But though Caner would no longer head the Seminary, LU stated that he would remain on staff as a professor for the following academic year … but now it is looking like Caner may be kept out of LU classrooms entirely and find himself reduced to only teaching on-line courses:

The former dean of Liberty University’s seminary still is a member of the faculty, LU officials said Wednesday as reports circulated that he had cleaned out his office this week.

Ergun Caner “is now a faculty member at LU,” Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said Tuesday night in an e-mail to The News & Advance.

Falwell’s comment reaffirmed the university’s statement in June that Caner, whose contract as dean was not being renewed, would continue as a faculty member.

Johnnie Moore, spokesman for the university, said Wednesday that Caner would teach online courses. Moore indicated no decision had been made about whether Caner would teach in LU classrooms.

“Dr. Caner will likely be teaching online courses this fall, but his course load hasn’t yet been determined,” Moore said.