Enough Already

You know, the first five or six times you see right-wingers screaming that America will be doomed, cursed, or destroyed if Barack Obama is elected, it’s kind of entertaining.   But then it just starts to get annoying.

Here’s the latest [PDF] from Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel:

The future of America is at stake and its future rests with us … If we elect leaders who will not stand up for innocent unborn children, then America will be cursed. If we elect leaders who will not defend marriage as one man and one woman, the people will groan, and our great nation will decay … We could not have a more important election about America’s future than the one will we face this year. I am so burdened about this Country and our future that I cannot begin to express my concern. We already have the most liberal, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Congress in the history of America. We cannot afford to unleash an unbridled leftist, secular, anti-religious agenda on America and our children. We must stand up now! … God has called each one of us to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Each of us are called to different roles, but all of us are commanded to be good citizens. To be a good citizen, we must vote. It is not an option. And, we must vote our Christian values. The future of America, our children, and grandchildren, are depending on us.

Fortunately we only have to put up with four more days of this … which will then be followed by four more years of it.