Engle’s Prayer Strike Force Targeting Hollywood and “Buddhist and Hindu Strongholds”

The other day I wrote a “Random Book Blogging” post based on Chuck Pierce’s explanation that targeted spiritual warfare is needed to break Satan’s strongholds on Earth and I linked that post to another recent post about Lou Engle’s Prayer Strike Force, which is a mobile team of intercessors who will descend on those places being controlled by Satan (“places bound by injustice and gripped by evil”) and free them from their bondage through targeted spiritual warfare.

So today I want to highlight this new video from Engle introducing this Prayer Strike Force – I especially want to call your attention to the part at the end where Sam Cerny of TheCall Institute explains that the Strike Force is going to swoop into “the darkest, hardest regions on the Earth” like the Air Force providing support to the ground troops.  And what are these regions?  Well, in addition to the US /Mexico border, they plan on targeting Hollywood “to confront the ideologies in the media” and Asia “where there’s Buddhist and Hindu strongholds”: