Engle Warns of “Devastating Consequences” Of Newsweek Cover Story

A few weeks ago, we spent a few days covering the Religious Right’s nearly unanimous opposition to a recent Newsweek cover story “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage” and now it looks like even though the controversy has died down, Lou Engle has decided to weigh in.

Saying that Newsweek is a “failing institution” whose “economic struggles and loss of subscribers have been well-documented of late,” Engle is concerned that that magazine was apparently so sure that its readers were willing to accept that sort of view that it could easily handle whatever risks were to come with publishing such a piece.  If that is true, Engle warns, it means that America is facing a disastrous future and thus he is urging everyone to cancel their subscriptions in order to send Newsweek and the rest of the media a message:

[It is troubling that Newsweek’s editors feel confident that the majority of America agrees with their stance and their definitions of marriage and morality. If this is true, then our nation has taken a dramatic and unfortunate turn that will have devastating consequences for American culture in the days to come.

If sexual orientation and desire are to be classified under the framework of “race” – if we define desires in a manner beyond what our creator intended without any scientific evidence that such proclivities are genetic – then we open up a proverbial “Pandora’s Box” for such an argument to be applied to all manner of desires under the false mask of “genetics” or the “creator’s design.”

We pray that the vast majority of Americans who have continued to hold the line on what is marriage, what is moral, and what is so clearly part of the created order and the creator’s design will stand fast against this blatant assault on truth.

As such, we are asking all who desire to stand for truth and righteousness to say, “No!” to Newsweek magazine by canceling their subscriptions. This is a historic opportunity to show Newsweek magazine that its arrogant overconfidence in gauging the opinions of the people is greatly misplaced.