Engle: Universities Are Teaching Students to Accept the Mark of the Beast

On Monday, a federal judge ruled in favor of Eastern Michigan University in a case brought by the Alliance Defense Fund of behalf of a former student in the university’s counseling program who was dismissed from the program after she refused to counsel a gay client. 

The student contended that her religious views prohibited her from counseling such a patient and sued the university for discrimination while the university contended that it adheres to the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics which requires counselors to provide nonjudgmental assistance to patients.

The court ruled in the school’s favor … and Lou Engle see it as a dangerous precedent:

So says prayer leader Lou Engle, who worries the decision this week could set “the precedent for Christian students being expelled in universities across America who refuse to compromise biblical views on morality” …”The federal judge is declaring that Christian kids do not have a voice to stand for a moral truth [and their] biblical convictions on the issue of homosexuality and immorality in the nation,” said Engle, founder of TheCall, a prayer movement that has drawn thousands of college-age youth. “This is a profound moment.”

But Engle also sees a bright side, in that this coming persecution will provide good practice for Christians in refusing to accept the Mark of the Beast:

Engle said Christian students will be forced to take a stand. “We’re in the days of Daniel. … You’ve got to trust that God will bring you divine promotion when you refuse to bow down to the image,” he said. “To compromise for the sake of getting a grade, you’re practicing to receive the mark of the beast.”

“In other words, if you can’t stand in this day, how are you going to stand when the real pressure heats up?” Engle continued. “We’re going to find out who the real Christians are.”