Engle Likens Obama To Pontius Pilate

Lou Engle called on members of the Boston Justice House of Prayer last week during their Antioch Again summit to pray that President Obama and his family will have a revelation that convinces them to end abortion. Engle advised them not to “listen to Rush Limbaugh very much” because “you will get a bitter, angry spirit,” noting that God’s wisdom “was above our Democrat and Republican wisdom.” He went on to compare President Obama to Pontius Pilate, asking for Michelle to have dreams like “Pilate’s wife” had before the crucifixion of Jesus, and that Obama “wouldn’t wash his hands in water thinking ‘I’m innocent of the blood,’” regarding the issue of abortion:

Engle: I want to encourage people, don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh very much, you will get a bitter, angry spirit. I felt like the Lord is saying, ‘listen there is a wisdom above the right-wing political wisdom.’ I believe the future of our nation might rest on whether or not we pray for President Obama like we prayed for President Bush. What if God would use a black man to bring the races together if the whites would begin to pray for him as much as they prayed for President Bush, what if God had a wisdom that was above our Democrat and Republican wisdom? I’m not saying I could vote for him because I could never participate by my declaration on the shedding of innocent blood but I tell you what God’s box is bigger than ours. He doesn’t say point the finger, He says pray for those in authority. I have been feeling like I need to pray as if the future of our nation depended on President Obama having a revelation from heaven. Father I pray right now, just lift your hands, your heart, lift your voices, we pray for President Obama, we thank you, he is our president, I pray for President Obama, I pray that You would visit him with revelation, visit his children, visit Michelle, protect them from the Evil One, we pray that he would be a Lincoln-type president, we pray that he would be haunted by it, think about it, night and day, in the dreams Lord, Pilate’s wife, Lord that he wouldn’t wash his hands in water thinking ‘I’m innocent of the blood,’ oh come to him.