Engle: Dreams Are The Word Of God

The more I pay attention to Lou Engle and watch his speeches and read his books, the more I have come to realize just what a central role dreams play in his activism.  In fact, the messages he receives from God in his dreams appear, in large part, to drive his political and anti-abortion efforts. 

Last month, the International House of Prayer hosted a “Prayer and Prophetic Conference,” at which Engle spoke for an hour and a half straight on the dangers of ignoring or trivializing the messages that God speaks through dreams, warning that prophets cannot be concerned with appearing “fanatical” or “out of our minds,” declaring that everything he has done in twenty-five years of ministry has been “founded on the word of God” that has been “delivered through the prophetic ministry of divine ideas, thoughts, intentions, and directions, and by the grace of God, we have picked up most of those seed-thoughts that have come from the Heavenly mind-realm … and I have found that those dreams were not just tickling fancies, they were the word of God and they have created movements that shake nations”: