Engle Allies Plead Ignorance About His Anti-Muslim Activism

The Detroit News asked a number of Lou Engle’s partners in Detroit if they are aware of Engle’s staunchly anti-Muslim views, which will be featured prominently at The Call: Detroit along with his militantly anti-gay and anti-choice beliefs. In response, Engle’s associates plead ignorance about his anti-Muslim activities. One pastor said he didn’t “know anything about that” and another claimed that the rally is “not to pray against anybody.”

“I don’t know anything about that,” said Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit. “People are coming here to pray for our city, and that’s what I’m concerned about. Christians will be praying, but it’s open to anyone.”

The Call is being promoted as a 24-hour-long prayer event aimed at lifting the city out of its “greatest darkness.”

Its website says attendees at Ford Field will “gather to this city (that) has become a microcosm of our national crisis — economic collapse, racial tension, the rising tide of the Islamic movement, and the shedding of innocent blood of our children in the streets and our unborn.”

[Pastor Jerry Weinzierl] said the goal is simply to call Christians together to pray.

“It’s not to pray against anybody,” he said. “It is a very positive movement of Christians gathering together to pray.”

In fact, Engle has repeatedly claimed that The Call: Detroit will be used to convert Muslims, in addition to ending legal abortion and bringing gay people out of homosexuality. “The largest population of Muslims is right next to Detroit, we dare to believe that millions of Muslims will come to Christ as the Church prays,” Engle said while promoting the prayer rally. “We believe that God is bigger than the Devil.”

Rachel Tabachnick writes in Dome that spiritual warfare against Muslims is a key part of The Call:

Preparations for TheCall Detroit have also included outreach to African American churches in the region, but the major focus of the event is what the organizers are describing as a spiritual battle against the “demonic spirits” of freemasonry and Islam. By bringing together black and white believers in repentance and reconciliation, the leaders claim that demonic forces that cause the region’s problems will be expelled, allowing for mass conversion of Michigan’s Muslim population. (Dearborn, next door to Detroit, is home to what is believed to be the nation’s largest mosque, the Islamic Center of America.) One of the leaders speaking in Michigan this year prophesied that the region would become “Mecca with a cross.”

In his announcement of The Call: Detroit, Engle said one of his goals would be “launching a house of prayer between Detroit and Dearborn” because “His target of intercession is for Muslims to know the love of Jesus and a breakthrough of revival in Detroit.”

Engle has called Islam “demonic” and even had an entire interview with Rick Joyner for Transformation Michigan discussing how The Call will be “impacting Islam through prayer”:

Update: Cheryl Chodun of Detroit’s WXYZ News is contacting Engle and other organizers of The Call: Detroit to find out more information on their anti-Muslim activism. The reporter played our video of Joyner and Engle warning that the state’s Muslim community may try “to make Michigan our first Muslim state.”: