End Times Pastor Tom Horn Declares Trump Critics ‘Clinically Insane’

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker complained on Friday’s edition of his television program that he can’t even place a bumper sticker supporting President Trump on his car for fear that someone will vandalize it, which guest Tom Horn attributed to the fact that Trump’s critics are “clinically insane.”

“I don’t put a lot of bumper stickers on my car,” Bakker said. “But there’s times when I have and if I feel really strong about a president, I’ll put a bumper sticker on. But I will not put a Trump sticker on … [because] I know that if I put a Trump bumper sticker on my car, somebody is going to key it.”

Horn, an End Times author and CEO of the SkyWatch TV network, warned that incivility if running rampant in America today because the Last Days are rapidly approaching.

“You have the forces of good and the forces of evil moving towards Armageddon,” Horn said. “So there is this spirit of agitation that is in the air. It is demonic, it is satanic. Satan hates anything that has to do with God, he hates this president because of the stand that he has taken … They hate him so much that it has driven them to a point of madness. They’re clinically insane. They really are.”