Ed Martin: ‘The True Meaning Of Covfefe … Is Love’

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles president Ed Martin slammed the U.S. archivist as “drenched in the Swamp.”

Conservative commentator Ed Martin, who was at the center of a battle for control of Eagle Forum after he was brought on board by the late Phyllis Schlafly back in 2016, appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday to promote the new adult coloring book he wrote called, “Can’t Trump This: COVFEFE—Top Trump Tweets.”

“Covfefe” is a nonsensical typo that President Trump tweeted out last year, but Martin claims that it has come to symbolize “all the Trump energy,” declaring that “the true meaning of covfefe … is love.”

“We have a president who is responsive to the people and communicating directly to them,” Martin said. “Covfefe became this sort of theme of, in my mind, all the Trump energy and all the messaging around it. There is a serious point in this book … I actually said that the true meaning of covfefe, and I think it’s really important, is love. I know that people look up and they say, ‘Well, are you really going to sit there Ed Martin and say Trump is about love?’ And the answer is yes.”

Martin claimed that conversations Trump has supposedly had about the issue of abortion, his appointment of anti-choice judges, and his efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are all proof that Trump operates based in love.

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