E.W. Jackson Says Parents Who Bring Kids to Drag Queen Story Hour ‘Need to Have Their Children Taken Away’

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson has recently begun posting a daily feature on his Facebook paged called “The Wisdom Meditation” that is ostensibly dedicated to reading and discussing the Bible. But despite Jackson’s stated intention, the segment inevitably winds up being just another outlet for him to rant about political or cultural issues, as he did Thursday, when he declared that Drag Queen Story Hour is “the equivalent of pedophilia” and asserted that parents who take their children to such an event “need to have their children taken away from them.”

“This is child abuse to take these children to be entertained by these perverse individuals whose lives are a moral sewer,” Jackson fumed. “You want to live that way, it’s a free country, live that way. If adults want to be a part of such gross, disgusting entertainment, you have a right to do that. But child abuse is what I would call taking children to see one of these freaks go through a whole lot of sexual garbage trying to instill this mess in the minds of toddlers and kindergartners.”

“I have no patience with this mess,” he continued. “That person needs God, that person needs to be saved, that person needs to be delivered. God wants that person to be a normal human being. A drag queen is not a normal human being.”

“And the stupid parents who take their children into this mess need to be dope slapped. They need to have their children taken away from them,” Jackson said. “Do you think toddlers and kindergartners are [asking] to go to Drag Queen Story Hour? Taking your children to church is not abuse. It’s what God commands us to do. But taking your children to Drag Queen Story Hour is abuse of a magnitude that is hard to overstate. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the equivalent of pedophilia, and it should be treated the same way.”

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