E.W. Jackson’s Sunday Sermons Are a Lot Like His Radio Show

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson posted a video on his Facebook page of the sermon he delivered at his church during last week’s service, which revealed that there is very little difference between the message he delivers to his congregation on Sunday and the unrelenting antiLGBTQ bigotry he spews during the week on his daily “The Awakening” radio program.

Jackson declared that “there is an epidemic of child sexual molestation going on” within the gay community, which is why he “will never, ever support homosexual adoption of children.”

“You hear many of them say they were molested as children and then the question is, ‘So, how do you become what happened to you?'” Jackson said. “In at least 50 percent of the cases of homosexuality, people have been sexually abused as children. I believe that if that many have admitted it, it’s higher than that because you have a lot of people who won’t. They just won’t admit it.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I will never, ever support homosexual adoption of children,” he added. “If you’re messed up, why in the world should I put a child in your care for you to go through the weird manipulations that you might go through?”