E.W. Jackson Says Nancy Pelosi’s Prayers Are ‘A Blasphemy Against God’

On Friday’s episode of his “The Awakening” radio program, right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and declared that her prayers are “blasphemy against God.”

Jackson was outraged by Pelosi’s proposal to establish a congressional commission that would have the power to remove a president from office under the 25th Amendment.

“Can Nancy Pelosi get any crazier?” Jackson fumed. “Nancy Pelosi is wasting everybody’s time with this nonsense.”

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speak,” Jackson added, quoting a passage from Luke 6. “A good person out of the good treasure of their heart brings forth good things, and an evil person out of the evil treasure of the heart brings forth evil things. I think we can say case closed as to what is in Nancy Pelosi’s heart.”

“She talks about when she prays for the president,” he continued. “Folks, as far as I’m concerned—I’m serious about this—I wouldn’t want Nancy Pelosi praying for me. I really wouldn’t. I really wouldn’t because I just believe that’s a blasphemy against God. I’m serious about that. I believe that’s just a blasphemy against God. You better pray for yourself and ask God to forgive you. That’s what you better do. And ask God to cleanse you of all that mess in your head and in your heart. That’s what you better do. You better ask Jesus to save you.”