E.W. Jackson Says Anyone Who Won’t Blame China for COVID-19 Should Be Investigated for Treason

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson said on his “The Awakening” radio program yesterday that anyone who doesn’t blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic should be investigated for treason.

Jackson was urging the lifting of social distancing guidelines and the “reopening” of America so those who are not in at-risk groups have “an opportunity to develop the antibodies [and] just let their bodies do what our bodies are designed by Almighty God to do, which is to resist illness, to resist disease.”

“You know what? God built in a vaccine for us,” Jackson said. “And we ought to be letting that take its work.”

Jackson then lashed out at Bill Gates, who recently said that efforts to blame the pandemic on China are “a distraction.”

“Let me be succinct and to the point,” Jackson said. “Anybody, after seeing the carnage this thing has wrought on our country and on the world, anybody who leaps to the defense of communist China should be investigated and perhaps charged and tried for treason. I know that may sound harsh, folks, but I’m serious.”

“You mean to tell me as an American you’re going to stand up and justify them and say, ‘Well, they’ve done a lot of things right’? Like what? Poison the whole world?” he continued. “This is a brutal, dictatorial, evil communist regime, and anybody who stands up and defends them, as far as I’m concerned, should get investigated for potential treason because to me, that may be an indication that they’ve been bought lock, stock, and barrel by the communist Chinese regime.”

“[Rep.] Adam Schiff is another one,” Jackson added. “He needs to be tried for treason because he’s running around blaming the president for 50,000 deaths and doesn’t have a word to say about communist China, where this thing was unleashed.”