E.W. Jackson: Men Wearing Earrings Is A Plot By Racist White Liberals To Emasculate Black Men

Religious Right preacher E.W. Jackson dedicated a good portion of his radio program yesterday to laying out his theory that men wearing earrings is the result of a liberal effort to emasculate black men.

Jackson asserted that in the 1980s, an “androgyny movement” emerged that sought to convince people that “the coolest thing was to be neither male nor female.” One of the ramifications of this effort, he claimed, is that there is now a “fad,” especially among black men, that “has come into vogue of men wearing these great big ol’ diamond earrings in both ears.” Jackson argued that this is a trend that is “emasculating men” and “denying men their masculinity.”

“I’m not saying that men who wear that kind of stuff are homosexual,” Jackson declared. “I just think that they don’t realize that they’ve gotten caught up in a movement and they don’t understand what the movement is really trying to achieve.”

Jackson asserted that the “androgyny movement” and modern efforts to combat “toxic masculinity” were started by racist white liberals in order to emasculate and feminize black men.

“I really believe that white liberals in particular are much more comfortable with effeminate black men,” he said. “I really believe that and I think that does go back to the myth of the hyper-animalistic sexual black male. Because I really believe that the real racism in America today is to be found in the precincts of white liberals because they really have decided they know what it means to be black better than black people know and if you meet their criteria, then you are okay. And if you do not, they’re going to do everything they can to destroy you. I’m a personal living witness of that. So I think they really don’t like black people unless they fit the mold that they have created for them, which, to me, is no different than slavery and Jim Crow.”

“I really believe that that stuff is primarily directed to black men that liberals want to emasculate because they don’t want them thinking for themselves, they don’t want them standing up for themselves, they don’t want them being themselves,” Jackson said. “They want them to fit the mold that the liberal ideology has prescribed for them. Now, folks, by any definition you want to create, that’s racist.”

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