E.W. Jackson: LGBTQ Activists Are ‘The Servants of Satan’

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson dedicated yet another episode of his “The Awakening” program yesterday to railing against homosexuality, fuming that Satan has perverted the meaning of the word “gay” and declaring that LGBTQ activists “want to hurt” Christians in every way they can.

“I really have an abhorrence to using the word ‘gay’ because I’m tired of allowing them to appropriate the language and change the definitions of words so that you can no longer use them in normal parlance and vocabulary,” Jackson groused. “The word ‘gay’ used to mean happy, carefree, joyful and now it means homosexual. Of course, this is what Satan does. Satan perverts the language in order to advance his lies, because if you know what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, there ain’t no way a homosexual is gay. That’s not happy, joyful fun; that’s misery.”

“These people are out for blood,” he said later in the program. “They are out to hurt you. If you don’t agree with them, they are out to hurt you … The left, particularly the activist homosexuals, want to destroy people. They want to bankrupt you, they want to get you thrown out of your job, they want to destroy your business, they want to punish you in every possible way. And the reason they want to do that, they don’t understand this but we know the reason they want to do that is because they are the servants of Satan.”

“They are the servants of Satan and so they see Christians standing up for the word of God and they hate us and think that we’re the most horrible people in the world and that we need to be destroyed,” Jackson declared, “that we need to be driven from our jobs, we need to be denied a right to earn a living, we need to have our businesses closed up and boycotted and anything else they think they can get away with they’d be willing to do to us, including hurt us physically. And I really don’t believe that I am exaggerating at all.”