E.W. Jackson: ‘I Believe That White Liberals Are Far More Racist Than Any Klansman’

Yesterday, we published a piece highlighting Religious Right activist and radio host E.W. Jackson’s defense of the not guilty verdict in the trial of the police officer charged with shooting Philando Castile, noting that Jackson had placed most of the blame on Castile for supposedly being “poorly trained and poorly taught” in gun safety and for being primarily responsible for creating the situation that resulted in his death.

Jackson was not very happy with our post, blasting us on his radio program today and predictably accusing us of misrepresenting his views and asserting that white liberals are far more racist than any neo-Nazi skinhead or member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jackson said there is a problem with the media today because too many reporters are willing to rely on information provided by “biased” and “propagandistic” sources like Right Wing Watch, who are intent on forcing people to accept “a left-wing, Marxist, socialist atheist, secularist worldview.”

“That hate us with a passion,” Jackson said. “They hate us with a vengeance … The left is vicious, I mean, it is no holds barred. They’re evil. That’s what it is. They’re evil. And they reason they’re evil is because they don’t know God.”

“Listen to this closely because I really don’t want to be misunderstood in this,” he said later in the broadcast, “but I really believe this with all my heart: I believe that white liberals are far more racist than any Klansman, skinhead, you name it, whatever anti-black racist group you want to name, I think they are far more racist and far more dangerous to the black community’s well-being and future.”

“White liberals,” Jackson declared, “I think they really believe that they own black people. I think they believe that they’ve done so much for black people that they are, in my view, the equivalent of modern-day slave masters who have a right to control your thinking.”

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