E.W. Jackson: God Is Protecting Trump and Pence From Coronavirus

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson held Sunday services at his The Called Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, where he proclaimed that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have not contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus because they are being protected by God.

Jackson, who used the service to declare that neither he nor any member of his congregation would ever contract the virus, kicked things off by leading a prayer on behalf of Trump.

“Lord, we pray for the president of the United States,” Jackson said. “Under incessant, unrelenting, unmerciful attack on his character, on his competence, on his intelligence, on his decision-making, he continues to try to make decisions that are in the best interests of our nation. He continues to express respect and honor for you and for our country. And Lord God, we pray for his strength, we pray for his wisdom, we pray for his protection.”

“Lord, I don’t believe it’s luck or happenstance that even though both he and the vice president have been exposed to the virus, neither of them has it,” Jackson continued. “Lord, we know that is not mere luck. That’s your protection on the leaders of this nation so they can guide us through this difficult time without being hampered by this disease on a personal level.”