E.W. Jackson Calls For Sensitivity Training To Combat Discrimination Against Heterosexuals

On his show yesterday, anti-LGBTQ radio host and Virginia politician E.W. Jackson lauded President Trump’s Twitter declaration that transgender people would be barred from serving in the military and half-jokingly suggested that there ought to be “heterosexual sensitivity training” for LGBTQ service members in order to increase their tolerance for straight people who believe in the “traditional family.”

Responding to the Army’s implementation of compulsory sensitivity training as it prepared for the roll-out of the Obama-era decision to allow transgender people to serve openly in the military, Jackson suggested instead that such training ought to be given to “transgender and LGBT people to be sensitive to those of us who don’t go that way.”

“How about a little sensitivity towards men who actually like women, and women who actually like men?” he said. “And traditional families who really believe in men and women in holy matrimony under the sacred vows of the covenant, in raising their children together, as moms and dads, how about a little sensitivity to that?”

Jackson argued that trainings about discrimination against heterosexuals are necessary because heterosexuals aren’t “getting a whole lot of” sensitivity “these days” since if you even “mention traditional family” you get called a “bigoted hateful Christian.”

“I didn’t say [send them] to concentration camps,” Jackson joked, saying that the military could accommodate LGBT members by providing “nice furnishings” such as “rainbow colored pillows” at the trainings.