Dueling DOMA Petitions

Yesterday, the Alliance for Marriage announced that it was launching its own “Protect DOMA” petition designed to counter our own “Dump DOMA” efforts:

The Alliance for Marriage Foundation today launched a national petition drive to Protect DOMA in response to the People for the American Way’s (PFAW) efforts to encourage Congressional Leadership to “Dump DOMA.”

In November, the Alliance for Marriage Foundation began to lay the foundation for our Protect DOMA campaign on Capitol Hill, with the public launch of www.ProtectDOMA.org. AFM’s campaign is deliberately designed to build on AFM’s diverse and centrist coalition and to reach both Democratic and Republican members of the Congress.

Since we now find ourselves in the middle of a signature-gathering arms race with AFM, perhaps it would be a good time for those who have not already done so to sign on to our efforts and help us spread the word.