Drake to Use Pulpit to Endorse Himself

Josh wrote about the Alliance Defense Fund’s upcoming “Pulpit Initiative” yesterday and highlighted a quote from Pastor Wiley Drake saying that “nobody who follows the Bible can vote for [Obama].” 

Given that, coupled with his past support of Mike Huckabee, I figured that he was going to be endorsing John McCain and didn’t really put two-and-two together until I saw this:

“The Bible warns pastors not be lukewarm, or you’re like a dog that doesn’t know how to bark,” Drake said.

Drake said this Sunday will be like any other: he will read from the bible, preach a sermon and then endorse Alan Keyes for president.

That makes perfect sense when you realize that Keyes’ running mate is, after all, Wiley Drake:

He also plans to announce whom he might vote for as vice president.

“My second choice is me, Wiley Drake. I’m on the ballot, so I plan to endorse myself,” Drake said.