Drake Contemplates Running for President of Southern Baptist Convention

In 2007-2008, Wiley Drake served as Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention … but once President Obama was elected and Drake started praying for his death and the deaths of  Democratic members of Congress, the Southern Baptist Convention was quick to distance itself from Drake:

A Southern Baptist Convention spokesman said June 4 that a former official who is praying for the death of President Obama is out of the denomination’s mainstream.

Roger “Sing” Oldham, vice president for convention relations with the SBC Executive Committee, said he believes most Southern Baptists are committed to praying for the well-being of the president as instructed in Scripture.

Oldham told Associated Baptist Press that Drake is not a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention and his comments do not reflect the actions, resolutions or positions of the denomination.

But just because the SBC apparently doesn’t want to have anything to do with Drake, that is not stopping Drake from contemplating making a run for President of the SBC

As most of you know I have served the Lord Jesus through my relationship with the denomination, The Southern Baptist Convention, since 1965. It was my privilege in 2007/2008 to be elected as Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

My question and request for counsel is simply this, “Should I allow my nomination for the position of President of The Southern Baptist Convention in June 2011, and make a run for this position?”

In my opinion we have left our traditional BIBLICAL positions, and become a large group being led by a small group of leaders who are out of touch with what the average Southern Baptist desires for our ministry under the leadership of The Holy Ghost.