Dozens Show For White House Rally To Hail Trump As God’s Gift To America

On Saturday, Donald Trump supporters heeded the president’s call to organize “their own rally,” which Trump promised “would be the biggest of them all,” by assembling in cities across the country, including at two events in the nation’s capital.

One group of Trump supporters appeared that day for a “Spirit of America rally” outside of the White House in Lafayette Square.

While several speakers addressed the crowd as if the day would be treated as a watershed moment in American political history, the Lafayette Square gathering only attracted a few dozen people.

Clarence Mason Weaver, a black conservative activist, said that Trump’s election ended Barack Obama’s supposedly dictatorial reign over America, likening the Republican’s victory to the American Revolution.

“We want our country back, we want our culture back, we want our freedoms back and we are not asking, we are declaring: This is the Second Declaration of Independence,” he said. “We are free!”

Trump, he said, will restore American greatness across the globe: “We’re going to rule this nation! We’re going to rule this world!”

Weaver said Trump was elected after a massive outpouring of prayer—“I have never seen a whole nation on its face before God”—and now Americans must challenge the satanic forces behind the public school system:

Forgive us! Forgive us! We have allowed our children to be trained and educated by leftist, God-hating teachers. Forgive us for surrendering our children to darkness. Forgive us for allowing Hollywood to describe our culture to us. We have allowed the Enemy to stand before godly people and tell us that we are wrong. Forgive us. We will not do that again. … You cannot give your children to somebody who is going to train your kids to hate you, to hate you! Public school is child abuse!

“God almighty has given us back our country,” he added.

The next speaker, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, similarly declared that prayer and divine intervention were directly involved in Trump’s electoral victory, saying that Democrats “should not be investigating Russia’s influence on the outcome—they should be investigating God’s influence on the outcome!”

Trump, he said, is “the deliverer we’ve been given by God almighty,” calling his presidency a “window of mercy” and “an answer to our heartfelt prayers.”

“God has given us a miracle” with Trump’s election, according to Farah, along with a holy “reprieve” and a “second chance” for a “political and spiritual revival.” If Trump hadn’t won, Farah said, America would have had a future of “socialism, corruption, decay, tyranny, perversion, immorality [and] lawlessness.”

Farah said that “the ‘fake news’ cartel has cast a spell over America for the last 30 years, at least,” claiming that conservatives are blacklisted from the media.

However, Farah said that “the media, the popular culture, the elitists, the globalists, the anti-Americans are doing everything in their power to stop this revolution, to abort it, to subvert it, to undermine it. There’s a coup attempt underway in this country.” Therefore, he said, it is up to Trump supporters to organize more rallies “that grow ever larger.” (Farah, incidentally, appeared at a 2013 Lafayette Square rally against Obama organized by Larry Klayman, who explicitly called for a coup against the former president).

Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security official popular with conservative pundits like Glenn Beck, addressed the rally as if it were a momentous event in American history, but not as momentous as Trump’s “miraculous” election: “I consider the election a combination of Passover, a deliverance from slavery or potential slavery, and a declaration of independence.”

Haney said fights about terrorism and immigration would be crucial political battles to come, citing the Garden of Eden to defend Trump’s proposed border wall.

“Borders are fundamental,” he said. “It goes all the way back to the very beginning in the Book of Genesis with the angel and his sword. What did the angel guard? East of Eden. A protection of the Garden of Eden. A country without a border is not a country.”

Eventually, country musician Kenny Lee took the stage to perform his song, “The Trump Card.” While trying to fix some technical problems, he led the crowd in a chant of “Trump!”