Doug Giles: Trump Has a Christ-Like Boldness and a ‘Prophetic Edge’

Right-wing columnist and commentator Doug Giles appeared on “The Eric Metaxas Show” earlier this week to promote his latest book, “Would Jesus Vote For Trump?” Not surprisingly, Giles insisted that Jesus would, in fact, vote for President Trump because Trump possesses a Christ-like sense of boldness and “a prophetic edge.”

Giles, author of “Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male,” spent the program making the case that Trump has a lot in common with various biblical figures, including Jesus.

“One of the interesting things about Trump, just from a leadership standpoint, that I think is very Christ-like,” Giles said, “is just his boldness. Jesus would call out the corrupt religious leaders and politicos that were foul and he would say, ‘You guys are blind leaders of the blind.’ And he would do that in public.”

When Giles asserted that Trump has a “trickle-down boldness” that emboldens others to take a stand and speak out, Metaxas readily agreed.

“When you look at heroes, their boldness encourages you, inspires you to be bold,” Metaxas said. “It inspires you to say the thing that maybe you would have hung back a little bit more, and I think that that has had an effect with Trump, that people hear him say something and they think, ‘Well, maybe I can say that.'”

“I’m not saying the bad stuff,” Metaxas quickly clarified. “I’m talking about the bold stuff, the good stuff.”

“Him being forthright and plain-dealing, as the Puritans used to say, is, to me, it’s very Christ-like,” Giles replied. “I think Trump has got, from a presidential standpoint, that prophetic edge, and I dig it, man.”