Don’t Criticize Trump, Says Evangelical Show Host, Just ‘Pray for Him’

On Sunday’s episode of “The Mc Files Faith Chat” program, right-wing commentator Chris McDonald interviewed Pastor Mike Muzzerall of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries about the need for Christians to take advantage of the opportunity that President Trump is providing to conservative Christians to reclaim this nation. During the discussion, McDonald insisted that the fact that Trump surrounds himself with sycophantic evangelical pastors is a sign of his great “humility.”

Upon winning the Republican nomination, Trump and the Religious Right entered into mutually beneficial relationship in which evangelical leaders agreed to refuse to criticize anything he says or does and to blindly support him politically, as long as Trump enacts their right-wing political agenda, which he has consistently done. Just last week, Trump and his “court evangelicals,” as historian John Fea calls them, gathered at the White House to celebrate their arrangement, which McDonald sees as evidence that Trump is humble enough to realize that he needs God’s help to run this country.

“We didn’t vote a pastor in, we voted a president,” Muzzerall said, insisting that it doesn’t matter if Trump is a Christian because “he’s being used by God right now to keep that door open” for Christians. “Let’s take that opportunity.”

“One of the greatest signs of humility of anybody is that we admit that we can’t do things on our own,” McDonald responded. “The very fact that he’s got leaders around him that he allows into that Oval Office and to lay hands on him and to pray for him; we’ve never had a president, period, Republican or Democrat, that I can think of—maybe Abraham Lincoln did it, maybe [George] Washington may have probably done it, I don’t know—but at least in modern times, we’ve never had a president that has done that. And I’ll tell you what that speaks to me, it speaks to me no matter what Donald Trump’s personal issues are, he at least has recognized in his heart that, ‘I can’t run this country by myself, I need God’s help.’ And I’m gonna tell you something, we should rejoice in that as Christians.”

McDonald went on to assert that if Christians have any issue with Trump, they should never criticize him and instead simply “pray for him.”