Donohue: When It Comes to Gays, the GOP Gets All Jittery and Inarticulate

Religious Right activists are predictably upset that Congressional Republicans didn’t make more of an effort to prevent Washington, DC’s marriage equality law from taking effect:

“I’ll be straight with you: I think they could have done more,” Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, said of Republican leaders. “We needed a vote, and we didn’t get one.”

“I haven’t seen any effort by Senator Bennett to push the legislation, or by the Senate [Republican] leadership,” said Tom McClusky, senior vice president of the Family Research Council Action.

There are obviously various reasons for why this happened, but Bill Donohue blames it on the fact that Republicans become “jittery” and inarticulate when it comes to speaking out against gays …. go figure: 

William Donohue, the president of the New-York based Catholic League, questioned the party’s commitment to a traditional marriage agenda. “They have an inarticulateness about homosexuality that they don’t have on economic issues,” Mr. Donohue said. “They can talk on and on about the free market, but when it comes to gays, they’re jittery.”

You know who Republicans could learn from in overcoming their jittery inarticulateness when it comes to attacking gays?  Bill Donohue:

Honestly, is anyone surprised that a conservation between Pat Robertson and Bill Donohue discussing how “intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt” liberals are trying to “tear down society” consists entirely of a five minute rant from Donohue declaring “we’re not going to allow gay people to adopt children, that’s against nature, it’s against nature’s god,” saying that the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal was due entirely to gays, and finally asserting that those who don’t share his views are nothing but “termites” who are “no more Christian than the Man on the Moon”