Donald Trump: ‘We’ve Got To Stop Being The Stupid Country Run By Very Stupid People’

At a rally yesterday in Daytona Beach, Florida, Donald Trump said that calls from politicians like Hillary Clinton to accept Syrian refugees in the U.S. prove that the country has become stupid: “We can’t take it. We can’t take it. We’ve got to stop being the stupid country run by very stupid people. We’ve got to stop. We’ve got to stop.”

Trump later recounted a story about a Democratic friend who is “seriously wrong about things” who decided to support him — “We’re gonna have a lot of switch. We’re gonna have a lot of people switching over” — because of the future of the Supreme Court.

He said conservatives “have no choice” but “to go for me” in order to prevent Clinton from nominating justices to the Supreme Court, saying that he plans to appoint justices in the mold of Antonin Scalia and hopefully pick “more justices than any president has ever picked in one term.”

“If Hillary puts her people on the Supreme Court, like, who knows, Elizabeth Warren may go, maybe —Pocahontas, Pocahontas, they’ll put Pocahontas. What an insult to Pocahontas, isn’t it? I apologize, ladies and gentlemen, to Pocahontas,” he said. “She will put people so far left that our country will become Venezuela. Big version. Venezuela. Believe me.”

He also went on his usual riff complaining that the cameramen covering his events only show his face, not the crowd — a policy established by his campaign.