Donald Trump: God Blessed Me With A Brilliant Mind To Handle Debt And Business Issues

Last week, Donald Trump put forward yet another alarming economic idea when, as Business Insider reported, he suggested in an interview with CNBC “that as president he would find ways to renegotiate the public debt and pay less than 100 cents on the dollar if the economy went bad.”

The proposal was called everything from “outrageous” to “insane” to “catastrophic” since it could jeopardize the entire global economy.

But Trump is utterly unconcerned about needlessly creating an economic crisis, since, after all, he is “the king of debt.”

This reminds us of an interview that Trump gave to televangelist Paula White when he was promoting his 2006 book “Why We Want You To Be Rich,” which he co-wrote with Robert Kiyosaki. White later became a vocal endorser of Trump, including addressing one of his campaign rallies and praying over him when he met with a group of televangelists.

In the interview, Trump said, “In a certain way, I love debt,” but added that he understood that the liabilities of debt can outweigh the benefits. “Nobody knows more about debt than I do,” he said.

Debt never weighed him down, Trump explained, because God “blessed” him with a brilliant mind, unlike the majority of people who attended his speeches. “God has to have blessed you with a good mind or, at least, a business mind,” he said.