Does David Vitter Pass Perkins’ “Values” Test?

Following up on the last post regarding Tony Perkins’ declaration that social conservatives should stop donating money to the Republican National Committee and instead “give directly to candidates who you know reflect your values,” the Louisiana Democratic Party asks a good question:

The Louisiana Democratic Party asked Perkins if he believes conservatives should contribute to David Vitter’s re-election campaign.

“If Tony Perkins thinks his followers shouldn’t give money to the RNC because they held a fundraiser at a sleazy, but legal, strip club, then it’s hard to imagine that he would condone contributing to the campaign of a Senator who has admitted breaking the law, adultery and engaging the services of prostitutes,” said Louisiana Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck.

If people donate to FRC’s PAC instead of the RNC, would their donations end up going to help re-elect Sen. David Vitter, even though he has admitted to engaging the service of prostitutes, a revelation which Perkins called “very disappointing” back in 2007?

For a while, there was even talk that Perkins was considering challenging Vitter in the GOP primary, but he ultimately passed, announcing that “I support Senator David Vitter’s bid for reelection in 2010.”

Since then Perkins and Vitter have become regular pals, appearing together on FRC’s radio program and webcasts, and even at a townhall event in Louisiana.

Perkins says right-wing activists should stop donating to the RNC because the RNC does not reflect their values and should instead donate to the “FRC Action PAC which can support candidates who will advance faith, family and freedom!” 

Candidates like David Vitter?