Does Anyone Remember Tom DeLay’s Plan to Build a Conservative

Seeing this clip of Tom DeLay claiming that those who are unemployed want to be unemployed and saying that unemployment benefits just “[keep] people from going and finding jobs” got me thinking, just what is Tom DeLay’s job?

The last I recall hearing anything about his was back in 2007 when it was big news that he and Ken Blackwell were launching something called Coalition for a Conservative Majority, which was going to become the right-wing version of

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has formed a new grass-roots organization that he says will help conservatives better convey their message to voters and take back control of Congress.

The Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) — co-founded by Mr. DeLay, Texas Republican, and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell — will establish “chapters” in all 50 states, which will be used to lobby lawmakers, coordinate political messages and influence members of the press.

“Right now, liberals are better organized, funded and active than I have ever witnessed,” Mr. DeLay said. “Our goal is to work with the talented leaders of the conservative movement to complement their efforts, using an army of activists to push for the policies and leadership conservatives are begging for.”

So I decided to take a look at the CCM’s website to see what it have been up to since its launch over two years ago:

That’s right, DeLay’s conservative version of MoveOn consists entirely of a website that contains nothing but links to three local CCM chapters of Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and Denver.

So what is it that Tom DeLay has been doing, exactly? 

Oh wait, I remember: