Dobson Making Election Robocalls For NOM?

I generally don’t write blog posts based on things printed in the Letters to the Editor section of newspapers, but I am making an exception in this case because this letter in the Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that James Dobson is making pre-election robocalls:

After a busy day of doing errands, including voting for the candidates I believe in, I came home to find what I consider an outrageous message on my answering machine. A man identifying himself as James Dobson asked me to talk to my pastor and congregation (I have none) regarding whom I should vote for, so they could instruct me on Judeo-Christian thoughts in a document called “Voters Guide on Values and Truth.” These people appear to belong to a group called “Family Talk” and are funded by the National Congregation for Marriage Education Fund.

Presumably, the author meant the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund.