Dobson Laments The Nation’s Decline, While Perkins Sees Hope in God

It seems like every few weeks, James Dobson interrupts the schedule of his daily radio program to bring his listeners updates on the nation’s rapid descent into immorality at the hands of President Obama and the Democratic Congress. 

And today was just such a day, where he was joined by Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council to “discuss the alarming rise of anti-family, anti-faith initiatives coming out of Washington, D.C.”

Dobson kicked off the program by asking Perkins if he had ever seen such a relentless “assault on traditional values, the institution of the family, and on freedom and liberty” to which Perkins replied that he had not but that he was not discouraged because “God is still on the throne” and he is “looking to us to be his agents of change in influencing the world around us”:

Dobson then said he has been fighting these battles for thirty years and that they had had some success in “holding back a tsunami all that time [but now] the dam has broken and it is flooding across the landscape”:

Perkins then chimed in to say that while Democrats and Republicans are clearly part of the problem, the real problem is “complacency among Christians” but took solace in the fact that Christians are now having an awakening that it is their responsibility to fix what is broken:

Dobson then talked about the last election, saying that he had been “trying to warn people about what I saw coming, which is what we are dealing with right now” and complains that “I got beat-up more than I ever have before,”  yet now “here we are with the consequences of that, and I’m not going to back off”: 

Of course, Dobson was “beat-up” primarily because he was a hypocrite who had publicly and repeatedly stated that under no circumstances would he ever support John McCain … and then he announced that he was supporting John McCain.

After Dobson, Minnery, and Perkins spent several minutes decrying the national debt and attempts to overhaul the nation’s health care system, they turned their attention to hate crimes legislation, which Minnery claimed would threaten pastors’ ability to preach against homosexuality, at which point Dobson chimed in with a nonsensical point claiming that media distorted his statement on the murder of Dr. George Tiller and using that as proof that hate crimes legislation will be used to silence ministers: