Dobson: ‘Everything I Have Fought For is On the Line and is in Danger Now’

For the past two days, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson has been promoting his new dystopian novel, “Fatherless,” about a conspiracy to depopulate the earth. Dobson’s guest on Family Talk was co-author and former Focus vice president Kurt Bruner, who joined him in warning that the U.S. is entering a demographic crisis. Yesterday, Dobson lamented that “recently this nation has lurched to the left” and that “everything I have fought for is on the line and is in danger now.”

Dobson’s sentiments reflect his monthly newsletter where he said that in the last election “nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat.”

Dobson: You evaluate the trip of a train down the track not about where it is now but where it’s going and I saw a bridge out down there and I committed myself to try to do what I could to preserve the family. I’ve been working on it for over forty years now and just recently this nation has lurched to the left. I’m not speaking politically now, I’m talking about the change of values that is being expressed by a majority of Americans. It puts a lump in my throat because everything I have fought for is on the line and is in danger now. That’s why Kurt, when you came out and said let’s write on this subject, I said, let’s do it.